Teacher Application

Teacher Application



  • You must fulfill the basic requirements listed below
  • 1. Native English speaker and a citizen of one of the following countries;
    • USA, Canada, UK, Australian, New Zealand, South African
  • 2. Completing a 3-4 year Bachelor's Degree at least
  • 3. Continuously attend from middle school until university in a school from one of the countries listed below
    • Montreal, Laval, Quebec, Shebroooke, and Moncton university in Canada
      (Those universities are in the French region of Canada and recognized by Korean Government as the institution using French as an official language) * Only for the jobs in Korea
  • 4. Not required but factors will enable us to negotiate for better working condition and salary
    • Degree in Education, English or related field
    • Experience in teaching (ESL, public schools, universities or related industry)
    • Higher education e.g MA or PhD
    • Clean national wide criminal record check